Monday, 16 December 2013

Monday, Day Two - Coffee and Scrambled Egg

'Burning the midnight oil' - now that's a strange phrase isn't it; even more strange when I sit and wonder how on Earth I have any left as I haven't been to bed before 3 am for as long as I can remember now; memory's bad, so I guess that's about a week or so. I don't know whether it's being away from home, exam worries or even something as trivial as sleeping in the same room in which I work - when you've been lay in bed for four hours and its 5 am, you'll believe anything these 'professionals' tell you in their endless blogs and reports.

After a relatively mundane day yesterday, I feel that I have slipped, once again, back into the procedural routine which is university life. I was optimistic that this wouldn't be the case as it's my last week of semester one before I finish for Christmas; however, there is the expectancy to conform to the institutional constrictions until the end. 

Yesterday was my last Sunday in Bangor for while; it was nice to just sit and observe the 'spectacles' Bangor had on offer. It's amazing what you see on the high street through the steamed glass of a coffee shop over the brim of your coffee cup, and yesterday was no exception. One thing Bangor has in its favour, is the diversity of people it has on offer; I will let you make of that what you will.

When in a public place, whether it be a coffee shop, train or even a park bench it's a social expectancy to read. Whether it's something on your iPhone, laptop or on the back of a leaflet you've picked up on your way in; you look around and people are reading. Obviously this isn't always the case in coffee houses, otherwise you wouldn't have the ubiquitous hum instead it would be a morgue-like library with sincerity and seriousness; nobody wants that on a Sunday! I was no exception to either of these rules as I began by reading my book as mentioned yesterday, but then I saw a friend who sat with me for a while, we too augmented the coffee shop ensemble.

When reading yesterday, I looked over some incredibly varied material (I told you). It spanned from the conversations of introducing legislation legalising ivory in Africa to help stabilise and protect White Rhino populations to the funeral of the late Nelson Mandela, who's fight to end apartheid all those years ago, was contrasted with the segregationist talks by Muslim women in the near future. I read that they will be invited to a seminar, however will be asked to write down questions and answers instead of speaking; I feel this is a step backwards. The irony is ever more prominent coupled with the passing of an equal rights legend.

After the night of continual restlessness, I awoke to the sound  of the wind and rain hammering the window; it could have given Wizard of Oz a run for its money. Groggily, I got up and went to the kitchen made myself the ever-so integral coffee. Now I guess you're wondering where the abstract title for this blog came from, it's quite simple really, there's no hidden meanings are significance; instead, it was just my breakfast. I will try every day to link an event in my day to an 'abstract' looking title.

Before writing today's update of my blog, I was delighted find yesterday's blog received more views than I expected; although admittedly, my expectations were not necessarily high. I would like to thank everyone for keeping up to date with this blog as it seems it's even being read in Germany, so I am truly grateful.

That's this morning's update, I am struggling to find time to write these and I am only on the second day! Watch this space for the next section! 

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Starting out...

This is my first blog and I'm not too sure what I should or shouldn't include, what to discuss or not to discuss...I'm sure that will come more naturally in time. I guess you're wondering the nature and relevance of this blog to yourself and your life... I'm going to throw it out there that the relevance would be pretty low, but I am planning on talking about day to day life according to me; so I hope it has a hint of amusement - even though I do live in the sleepy 'city' which is Bangor, a far cry from London and a mere whisper from New York!

As I said I hope to put daily, twice-daily or insanely frequent blogs up depending on the time I have available to write them. I will discuss my life, but also I will aim to discuss the  important areas which my daily life touches upon; this can be a broad spectrum as after all I'm a law student. A mixture of student life with the induced exposure to law, politics and global current affairs...recipe for disaster I hear you cry; well we will see!

Today, being Sunday, I am off for my ritual coffee as to uphold the 'tradition' set by me and a close friend during our first weeks in Bangor. Alas, since then she has moved back home and I am left to not so much discuss any more (people have their doubts to my mental integrity already you know) but to rather  contemplate  alone...with a good book and a strong coffee; it's not all doom and gloom after all! So today's blog will be limited to the general chatter and the superficial which we know to be the introduction; with a hope to prosperity through the blog!

Adieu for now, I have Bingham's Rule of Law to conclude and copious coffee to quaff!