Sunday, 15 December 2013

Starting out...

This is my first blog and I'm not too sure what I should or shouldn't include, what to discuss or not to discuss...I'm sure that will come more naturally in time. I guess you're wondering the nature and relevance of this blog to yourself and your life... I'm going to throw it out there that the relevance would be pretty low, but I am planning on talking about day to day life according to me; so I hope it has a hint of amusement - even though I do live in the sleepy 'city' which is Bangor, a far cry from London and a mere whisper from New York!

As I said I hope to put daily, twice-daily or insanely frequent blogs up depending on the time I have available to write them. I will discuss my life, but also I will aim to discuss the  important areas which my daily life touches upon; this can be a broad spectrum as after all I'm a law student. A mixture of student life with the induced exposure to law, politics and global current affairs...recipe for disaster I hear you cry; well we will see!

Today, being Sunday, I am off for my ritual coffee as to uphold the 'tradition' set by me and a close friend during our first weeks in Bangor. Alas, since then she has moved back home and I am left to not so much discuss any more (people have their doubts to my mental integrity already you know) but to rather  contemplate  alone...with a good book and a strong coffee; it's not all doom and gloom after all! So today's blog will be limited to the general chatter and the superficial which we know to be the introduction; with a hope to prosperity through the blog!

Adieu for now, I have Bingham's Rule of Law to conclude and copious coffee to quaff!

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